MD-7SK - Drum Mic Kit 7- Wire Microphone

MD-7SK Drum Mic Kit 7

 .Professional drum mic kit for drum type percussion instrument and jazz drum, and various timbre performance for different musical instrument specially.
 .Bass drum microphone is designed for drums and percussion instruments with low frequency, which uses high-flux sound cartridge, clear and powerful sound, full sound and strong infection, reproduce vivid sound, reproducing the sound source with best result;
 .Microphone for Snare drum, tenor drum, snare drum wind instrument, it’s the perfect choice with fast transient response pickup .
 .Condenser microphone is suitable for piano, sound recording, live performance, the use of high-quality capacitor ultra wide dynamic response, high sensitivity and can handle strong sound pressure, extremely clear and accurate pickup.

Product specifications
Bass Drum
Direction: Cardiord
Frequency response: 30-12KHZ
Sensitivity:-58dB±-5 dB
Output Impedance:600Ω
Snare Drum
Direction: Cardiord
Frequency response:60-13KHz
Sensitivity:-54dB±-3 dB
Output Impedance:600Ω
Direction: Cardiord
Frequency response:70-12KHz
Sensitivity:13 mV/Pa
Output Impedance:200Ω
Max. sound pressure: 127 dB (at 1KHz≤1% T.H.D)
S/N:96 dB
Power supply: 1.5V AA*2 /Phantom 48V