X8 - Professional Digital Audio Processor- Accessories

X8 Professional Digital Audio Processor

System Features:
Professional Karaoke processer , with independent adjustion for each part;
Adopts 24Bit DB and 32Bit DSP;
7 bands EQ for MUSIC in;
15 bands EQ for MIC in;
5 bands EQ for main output;
3 bands EQ for central output, back output and bass;
Feedback control for mic input, with ON/ OFF switch;
Can save 16 modes;
With compressor and delay function;
With administrator mode and user mode; the menu cannot be saved in user mode;

Max Input Level; 4V(RMS)
 Maximum Output Level;4V(RMS)
Music channel gain:12dB
Microphone sensitivity ; 64mV (Out:4V)
Input voltage; -220V  50Hz