XMY-240 - Wireless Microphone- Wireless Microphone

XMY-240 Wireless Microphone

1. 10-segment LED audio signal indicators for each channel
2. The conference microphone has a one-button mute function
3. UHF frequency band transmission signal, frequency range: 610MHz-670MHz;
4. Using stable PLL digital phase-locked loop synthesis technology and intelligent digital circuit,
      The performance stability of the whole machine is significantly improved;
5. Each channel is equipped with a unique ID number to enhance the anti-interference function;
6. High-fidelity unidirectional condenser microphone core, good sound reproduction. The pickup distance can reach 30-50CM;
7. Two rubber receiving antennas are installed on the back of the receiver to enhance the received signal, and the appearance is generous and decent;
8. There are 4 balanced outputs and 1 mixed unbalanced output on the back, suitable for connecting various external devices;
9. 200 channels are interoperable and interoperable, showing humanized high-tech design;
      (The same launch can be interoperable in Drag 2, Drag 4, and Drag 8, and a maximum of 24 launches can be used at the same time)
10. Noiseless light touch switch, lightly press 0.5S to turn on and enter the working state;
11. The flexible gooseneck microphone design can be adjusted 360° in all directions, and the microphone light ring indicates the speaking status.
12. The power consumption of the microphone is 80mA, powered by 1.5V batteries (2 pieces), and can be used continuously for 8 hours;
13. Both the host and the transmitter have LCD screens to display the working status and other content
14. Use distance: open environment: 50 meters complex environment: 30 meters
Suitable for various meeting and speech occasions.
Chassis specification: EIA standard 1U
Number of channel groups: 4 channels
Frequency stability: ± 0.005%, PLL phase-locked loop frequency control
Carrier frequency band: UHF 610-670MHz
Modulation method: FM
Effective working distance: generally 50 meters (open space)
Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis
Sensitivity: 5dBμV, S/N>60dB at 25 deviation
Frequency bandwidth: 60MHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.4% @ 1KHz
Comprehensive frequency response: 65Hz~18KHz ± 3dB
Power supply: DC12V 1A
Carrier frequency band: UHF 610-670 MHz
Oscillation mode: PPL phase-locked frequency synthesis
Harmonic radiation: <-63dBm
Frequency bandwidth: 60 MHz
Maximum deviation range: ±45kHz
Microphone mode: capacitive (head wear / lavalier), dynamic (handheld), heart-shaped pointing
RF power output: 8mW; 8mW/15mW (optional)
Battery: AAX2
Current Consumption: 80mA
Battery current/life: about 8 hours